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Nothando Natural Reed Handwoven Handbag

Nothando Natural Reed Handwoven Handbag

£27.99 Regular Price
£19.59Sale Price

I am a round woven handbag made from African natural reed material known as Mzala in Malawi. I have a short strap handle that is hand-woven to give that perfect finish.


A lot of care has been taken to perfect me, with four different weaving techniques used;  coiling, checkerboard, plaiting, twining, which provide strong support. I have been harvested using traditional means from the wild water reeds. The fibers are dyed with tree bark. I am made in Malawi. Weaving has always been an integral part of the African tradition, culture and art since time immemorial. I will be honoured to be part of your wardrobe.

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